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1. I am unable to send SMS. How do I get this rectified? 

This can be a result of any of the below reasons:

  • The handset being used may have an issue. In this case, please call Customer Care at 100 or visit one of our dealer stores.
  • Check the message settings on your handset to ensure MCN is +18763800154
  • There might be an SMS barring on your account. To check, dial #33*Barring Password*16#, then press SEND. (If you did not set a barring password, you can use the manufacturer code 0000).
  • You might not have sufficient credit to send the SMS. Each SMS costs J$3 per 160 characters to Digicel numbers, J$4/160 character to Flow and J$6/160 character to international numbers.
  • If you have sufficient credit, but are still unable to send, your credit may be reserved for data. If you do not have an active data plan, simply turn off data service on your device, otherwise the credit may be reserved for data usage.


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