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1. What is VIP Text?

VIP Text is an SMS ONLY closed user group. With VIP Text, you are able to send unlimited text messages to another customer, your VIP, for a period of 30 days or until the plan expires. Voice calls made to VIP Text members are CHARGEABLE. Voice calls made outside of the VIP Text group are also CHARGEABLE. Rates for these calls are calculated at the prevailing rate plan on the account.

2. Who is VIP Text for?

VIP Text is for all Digicel customers excepting those who are a part of a Corporate CUG.

For Prepaid: You must be in an active state, with sufficient credit. For Postpaid: you must not be warned, dunned, suspended or deactivated. Postpaid customers can only join one type of voice plan. However they can couple VIP Text with any of the voice plans.

3. Is there a monthly subscription fee for VIP Text?

Yes. You will be required to pay a subscription fee of JM$200 per 30-day period to access the VIP Text service (or until the plan expires).

Note: Price quoted is subject to change without notice.

4. What are the benefits of VIP Text?

Free unlimited text messaging service between you and your VIP. The below benefits will be gained while on VIP text:

You do not need to purchase a full VIP Talk package if you are not interested in the voice component.

An invaluable service to the hearing impaired community who heavily utilize text messaging.

Unlimited text messaging to up to five (5) persons for one flat rate.

Members can join and leave the group at any time before the plan expires. 

5. Is there a limit to the number of persons in a VIP Text group?

Yes. Group sizes may range from a minimum of two (2) persons to a maximum of five (5) persons per group.

6. Will I get free unlimited voice calls with VIP Text plan?

No. VIP Text is a text message only plan and as such, data and voice services are not free within the plan.

7. How do I activate the VIP Text service?

To activate a VIP Text plan follow the steps below.

Dial *146# SND

*146*1876 Friends Number*1# for master pay or

*146*1876 Friends Number*2# for each member pay

*146*1# to confirm activation of VIP Text Plan by initiator.

8. What are the payment options for VIP Text?

As with other VIP products there are two payment options for VIP Text:

Master Pays, whereby the initiator of the group pays for the entire group.

Individual Pays, whereby each member of the group pays for themselves.

9. Can other persons join the VIP Text group after the activation date?

Yes. However, to join a VIP Text group after the activation date, you must be invited by one of the group members.

To add new members to a VIP text group there must be less than five (5) members in the group and the plan must not have reached its expiration date.

10. How does a member of a VIP Text group invite other persons to their group?

To invite other persons to a VIP Text group send *146*Group ID*1876 Friends Number# and follow the instructions.

Note: If the group is a Master Pay group only the “MASTER” can invite other persons to the group.

11. If I join a VIP Text group in the middle of the month will my subscription fee be prorated?

VIP Text plans are valid for 30 day periods (or until the plan expires) there is no prorating for you as a Prepaid customer. 

However if you’re a Postpaid customer your VIP Text plans are billed as per the billing cycle. Your subscription fee will be prorated in the first billing cycle.

12. Can members leave the group after the activation date?

Yes. However, to leave a VIP Text group there must be more than two (2) persons in the group. To leave the group simply send *146*Group ID*9# and follow the instructions.

Note: you cannot leave a group if you are the Master Payer, i.e. they are paying for the entire group.

13. Am I allowed to be in multiple VIP Text groups?

Yes. You are allowed to be in up to three (3) VIP Text groups; i.e. if you have not exceeded the maximum number of friends (10).

14. If I am already in one of the VIP voice plans, can I join a VIP Text plan?

Yes. You are allowed to join a VIP Text plan in addition to a VIP voice plan.


15. Can I join a VIP Text plan with the same person who I am already in a VIP Talk plan with?

No. If you who are in the same closed user group (including VIP Text, VIP Talk, and VIP Talk Unlimited) you cannot join another closed user group with the same members.

16. If I am a Digicel Postpaid customer, can I create a VIP Text group with a Prepaid customer?

Yes. It is possible to have a VIP Text group created with any of the following combination of Digicel customers.

  • Prepaid only 
  • Postpaid only
  • Postpaid and Prepaid mixed

17. Are SMS bundles included in the plan?

No. VIP Text does not include an SMS bundle. What it does include is unlimited text messaging between the members of the group.

18. If I have a VIP Text plan will I be charged to send text messages to persons outside of the plan?

Yes. You are required to pay at the standard text rate for numbers outside the VIP Text plan.

19. Is there a way for us to determine what VIP groups we are in?

Yes. You can dial *146*779# to determine the list of groups you are in. You will get a response via SMS like the following: 

“You are a member of groups ^GROUPLIST^. Please send *146*7*GROUP_ID# to retrieve details of selected group.”

Note: If you are only in one VIP Text group and you send *146*779# you will get the following SMS response: 

“Your group members are ^NUMBERLIST^ and your expiry date is ^EXPIRY_DATE^.”

20. Is there a way for us to determine the members of our VIP group?

Yes. You can dial *146*7*group ID# to determine the members in your VIP Text plan. They will get a response via SMS like the following: 

“Your group members are ^NUMBERLIST^ and your expiry date is ^EXPIRE_DATE^.

21. When roaming will I pay for text messages sent to or received from other members of the VIP Text group?

The benefits for VIP Text users are only available within the home network. Therefore once you are a VIP Text customer and is roaming, all roaming charges will be applied to your account.

• VIP Text /Roaming Example #1: If you are roaming in the USA and send a text message to a member of your VIP Text group in Jamaica, regular roaming text messaging charges will be applied as per usual.

• VIP text /Roaming Example #2: If you receive a text message from a member of you VIP Text plan whilst roaming in the USA, neither you nor your VIP will be charged.

22. How do I renew my VIP Text plan?

You will start getting text message advising you that your VIP Text Plan will expire. To renew the plan each member is required to dial the code in the text message. To renew the VIP Text Plan you are required to dial *146*group ID*1# before the expiration date.

23. Will I receive a reminder on or before the day my VIP Text plan should expire?

Yes. Before a VIP Text plan expires, you are notified via SMS four (4) days before the plan expires and asked to confirm the continuation of the plan.

Additionally you will receive a final notification on the day the plan expires.

24. Can I include a Non-Digicel mobile number in my VIP Text group?

No. Only Digicel numbers can be included in a Digicel VIP Text. No other telecommunication service provider’s number can be included in Digicel’s VIP Text.

25. If I should send a text message to members outside of my VIP Text group, is it free of charge?

No. Both calls and sms outside of the VIP Text plan are chargeable.

26. Will I be able to make calls/send text messages while my account is airtime expired?

No. If your account becomes airtime expired during the period you will not be able to make calls or send text messages.

27. As a Postpaid customer am I able to send text messages to my VIP while my account is credit limit barred?

Yes, as a Postpaid VIP Text Plan customer, you can still send and receive text messages within your group although you are one-way barred.


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