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Prepaid Blackberry

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1. What is the Digicel PrePaid Blackberry service? 

As a PrePaid customer, Digicel PrePaid Blackberry service allows you the ability to access and use all the functionalities of your Blackberry devices (Internet, Email, Blackberry Messenger etc.) for a set time period (depending on the plan selected). You will receive BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) which allows you to stay in touch on the go with an office in your hands! 

2. What is the Blackberry service?

It is a product offered by “Research in Motion” (RIM). The service allows you to send and receive email from your devices, browse the Internet, use BlackBerry Messenger and install and use a wide variety of third party applications. 

3. Is Prepaid Blackberry service the same as Postpaid?

Yes it is. BlackBerry service allows you to stay in touch with everything that matters to you while you’re on the go. Email, phone, maps, organizer, applications, games, the Internet and more. For further information on Blackberry service please refer to:

4. Who can activate the PrePaid Blackberry Service? 

All Digicel customers with a Blackberry phone and an active prepaid account may activate a Data Bundle. 4G Mobile Blackberry Data Bundle plans can be accessed from any Blackberry phone that is GSM/EDGE, 3G/4G or HSPDA and compatible with the Digicel network.

If you are a customer with a Blackberry device that are not 3G/4G compatible, you should not subscribe to the 4G Mobile Blackberry Data Bundle service. With 2G devices, it is recommended that you sign up to our 2G Data packages that are available OR upgrade your phone to 3G/4G compatible device and then activate 4G Mobile Data Plan. 

5. How long does my plan take to activate? 

Your plan will be activated immediately ,once you enter the required USSD codes. A confirmation message will be sent to indicate the completion of the activation. 

6. How will I know that I am connected to Digicel’s 4G Mobile Network?

Once you change your phone settings, remove and replace the battery or power off/on the device, the coverage icon will change to 3G, 3G+, 4G or H+. What is displayed is dependent on the device.

7. Am I able to activate a 4G Mobile Blackberry Max Plan using a Non Blackberry phone?

No. You should not be able to activate any of the available 4G Mobile Blackberry Data bundles using a Non Blackberry phone. The Blackberry Data will not work if activated on a non-blackberry handset.

8. What do I need to have access the PrePaid Blackberry Service? 

To activate the Prepaid Blackberry service, you are required to have:

  1. Active PrePaid account with adequate credit available.
  2. GSM Blackberry device.

9. Which handsets are compatible with the PrePaid Blackberry Service?

All network compatible (GSM) BlackBerry devices.  

10. As a prepaid customer, which plans are available to allow activation of the PrePaid Blackberry Service? 

Once you are a prepaid customer, the below plans are available for activation.

  1. 2G Blackberry Service- 1 Day, 7 Day, 14 Day, 30 Day 
  2. 4G Blackberry Max Plans - 1 Day, 2 Day, 7 Day, 30 Day
Prepaid Blackberry Services (Rates in JMD)
Plans Duration Data Subscription Fee Data Overage Fee
4G 1 Day 500 MB 1 Day 500 MB $100 $25
4G 1 Day 500 MB
1 Day
500 MB
Subscription Fee
Data Overage Fee
4G 2 Day 500 MB 2 Day 500 MB $100 $25
4G 2 Day 500 MB
2 Day
500 MB
Subscription Fee
Data Overage Fee
4G 7 Day 2 GB 7 Day 2 GB $600 $25
4G 7 Day 2 GB
7 Day
2 GB
Subscription Fee
Data Overage Fee
4G 30 Day 2 GB 30 Day 2 GB $1750 $25
4G 30 Day 2 GB
30 Day
2 GB
Subscription Fee
Data Overage Fee
4G 30 Day 3 GB 30 Day 3 GB $2250 $25
4G 30 Day 3 GB
30 Day
3 GB
Subscription Fee
Data Overage Fee

11. How will I benefit from Digicel’s PrePaid Blackberry service as compared to the competition?

Our plans offer variable service periods of 1,7, 14 and 30 days rather than a fixed one (1) month service period. 

Our service can be activated very quickly through USSD codes rather than calling Customer Care. 

Setup of Blackberry device is quick and easy after plan is activated.


12. How do I activate the PrePaid Blackberry Service?


  • Dial “*136# SEND” to initiate PrePaid Blackberry activation. After dialing the initiation code customers will receive messages to select the available 2G plans (*136*200#) or a 4G plan by dialing (*136*400#). 
  • There have a thirty (30) minute window within which to complete and submit the activation request after the text instructions are received.
  • Select your plan 
  • Confirm selection of your plan 

You must remove phone battery and replace it to register device on network after completing activation. 


  • You will have access to the Blackberry service while the plan is active
  • As soon as the plan has ended, you will no longer be able to access Email, BB messenger and Internet
  • Thereafter, you will be charged $40 per MB to access internet from your mobile device when your plan has ended. 

13. Can I complete the activation process without removing my battery? 

Yes. You can access the Menu in your phone:

  • Go to ‘Options’, (Wrench shaped icon)
  • Go to ‘Advanced Options'
  • Go to ‘Host Routing Table’ , press the options button and choose ‘REGISTER NOW’ 

The device will now automatically register on the network. You will receive a message from ‘Blackberry Registration’ stating “Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network”.

14. How do I setup Email on my Blackberry? 

Shortly after a plan is activated and the Blackberry restarted/registered, the browser will automatically load an email set-up webpage.

If webpage does not automatically load, user may select Email settings icon within Setup.

15. I already have an account with another carrier/network. Will I be able to get Digicel PrePaid Blackberry Service?

You should request that the account for the device be removed by the other network/carrier.

You will need to contact carrier/network with the appropriate verification/credentials forthe account to be removed on the device.

Note: If the you have an unlocked Blackberry device from another provider with an email account already setup on that network, you may not be able to set up a new email account on Digicel’s PrePaid Blackberry service. As such, you may not be able to receive your email directly on the Blackberry device (i.e. your email may not be accessible from the Message icon). You will be able to receive email by using the Internet Browser to directly access the website of the respective Email Service Providers (e.g. browsing for Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo). Also, all other Blackberry Services will be provided. 

16. How many Email accounts can I setup with my Blackberry device?

You can have up to Ten (10) separate Email accounts on your Blackberry device. N.B. This includes your device email address 

17. Can I renew my PrePaid Blackberry plan? 

Yes. Your BlackBerry plan will automatically renew provided that the credit for the respective plan is available at the time of expiration.

18. What if I don't want my Prepaid BlackBerry Plan to be automatically renewed? 

You are able to cancel the automatic renewal of your Prepaid BlackBerry Plan by dialling *136*9*200# or 136*9*400.# Note also, if you have less credit than the cost of the plan that is active at the time it is ending, the plan will not be renewed. 

19. If I have a Prepaid BlackBerry plan activated, will I be charged to browse Digicel Live or purchase ringtones/pics? 

Browsing of the Digicel Live site is included in the Prepaid BlackBerry service. However, DigiPics & tones is a premium service that is NOT included in the Prepaid Blackberry offering. 

20. If I am roaming, will I be charged to use data services on my Blackberry? 

Yes. When roaming, data charges will be rated at the ROAMING DATA RATE. You will only enjoy the full benefits of the PrePaid Blackberry Service while in Jamaica.

21. Where can I purchase Blackberry Devices?

You may purchase Blackberry handsets at any our Digicentres and selected Dealer stores.



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