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1. What is a USB modem? 

  • A USB modem is a wireless device that is attached to the computer or laptop in order to provide access to the Internet.
  • This USB modem performs the same function as a PC card.
  • The USB modem uses EDGE as well as GPRS technology.
  • Other features of the USB modem include SMS and phonebook.

2. What is needed in order to use a USB modem? 

In order to use the USB modem to access the Internet on a laptop or computer, the customer is required to have a SIM card that has been provisioned for Digicel’s GPRS/EDGE service.

3. How to run the USB modem application software? 

  • After the USB modem software is installed:
  • Click the Start menu
  • Click Programs
  • Click on DC87-0 Lite

OR Just double click the shortcut icon on the desktop in order to run the application:

Note: Once the installation has been completed a shortcut icon is created on the desktop. Simply double click on the desktop icon to start using the USB modem.

4. How does the USB modem work? 

  • The customer will need to install the device on the computer or laptop. This is a one time process, unless the customer uninstalls the device from the computer or laptop.
  • Set up a new Internet connection for the USB modem. Note: The dial-up number is *99# and the APN is
  • Click on the icon on the desktop and select “Connect”.
  • The customer is now ready to browse.


5. How to connect to the Internet using the USB modem? 

  • Insert the USB modem into the USB port on the pc/ laptop.
  • Double click on the USB modem icon on the desktop. The window below will be displayed. (see Table 3) • Click on Connect Now?
  • Once the connection has been established simply open an Internet browser and start browsing.

Note: Whenever the connection has been lost or disconnected the following screen will appear when the icon is selected. The status at the bottom will read Disconnected.


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