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Prepaid Mobile Plans and Mobile Service | Digicel Grenada

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With Digicel’s prepaid plans, there are no bills, and no rental or connection fees; you simply pay as you go!

Digicel prepaid provides you

  • Per-second charging (save up to 33% compared to per minute charging)
  • No quarterly service charge
  • No connection fee
  • Peak, off-eak and weekend rates
  • Top up when you need credit
  • Free incoming calls
  • Direct dial international calls
  • DigiText text messaging
  • Calling line identity
  • Calling line restriction
  • Call barring
  • Mobile email
  • Call waiting
  • Call hold

As a prepaid customer you can add credit to your account, using the following options.

  • Online Top Up
  • Top U Up
  • Fingertip Top Up
  • Automatic Top Up
  • Direct Top Up
  • Credit U/Credit Me

Find more information about topping up here.


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