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Digicel Announces Launch Of Coral 200 Solar

February 17th 2009 - ZTE manufactures world’s first ultra-low-cost solar-powered mobile phone using innovative technology from Intivation

February 17th 2009 - Kingston - Jamaica: Digicel Group today announced the launch of the Coral-200-Solar, the world’s first ultra-low-cost solar-powered mobile phone. The Coral-200-Solar is using innovative technology from Dutch-based technology innovator, Intivation.
Since early 2008, Digicel has been providing its customers with low-cost or free portable solar charges in many markets. The concept of linking charger devices and a phone at the point of sales has been a proven success. Now, with the launch of the Coral-200-Solar with has an integrated solar charger built into the phone, Digicel is taking this initiative to an even higher level.
There are an estimated two billion people in the world who have limited or no access to electricity. The population of many emerging markets in which Digicel provides cellular services will benefit greatly by access to a mobile handset that can be powered by the sun and electric power when available.
Tom Bryant, Group Procurement and Distribution Director for Digicel, commented; “Solar-powered handsets are clearly the way to meet the needs of power-challenged users across the globe. While the idea of solar-powered handsets has been around for some time, it has taken the leadership of Digicel and the technology and manufacturing skills of its partners Intivation and ZTE to make the Coral-200-Solar handset a reality. This marks another first for Digicel and we think our customers are going to love this great device.”
Digicel will begin to deploy the Solar-Coral-200 in selected markets from this June.