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About Leadership: Our BOD & Sr. Management | Digicel Group

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Board of Directors
Denis O'Brien
Denis O’Brien founded Esat Telecom Group (“Esat”) in 1991 to compete against the former state-owned telephone company in Ireland, Eircom plc.
Leslie Buckley
Vice Chairman
Leslie is a founding director of the board of directors and has been actively involved in the development of our pan-Caribbean GSM network.
Colm Delves
Board Director
Colm joined Digicel as our Chief Financial Officer in May 2004 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in July 2005.
Gregory Sparks
Chairman of Audit Committee and Non-Executive Director
Gregory is a founder and partner of FGS, a firm of business advisers and consultants with offices in Dublin and Belfast.
Lucy Gaffney
Non-Executive Director
Lucy was Chief Operating Officer at Esat Telecom in Ireland when it was acquired by British Telecom Group Plc in January 2000.
Michael Willner
Non-Executive Director
Michael is a cable industry veteran, with more than 40 years of experience.
Seamus Lynch
Non-Executive Director
Seamus joined Eircom plc in 1990 in its New Enterprise Department identifying new business opportunities for the company.
Sean Corkery
Non-Executive Director
Sean is an IT and Telecoms veteran with more than 35 years of experience in the industry.
Sir Julian Horn-Smith
Non-Executive Director
Sir Julian was a founding member of The Vodafone Group Plc. He is considered a principal architect in the development of Vodafone’s International Strategy.
Senior Management
Colm Delves
Group Chief Executive Officer
Colm joined Digicel as Chief Financial Officer in May 2004 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in July 2005.
Lawrence Hickey
Group Chief Financial Officer
Lawrence joined Digicel in December 2002 as Financial Controller for the Jamaica operation before being appointed to the role of Finance Director (Jamaica).
Pat Casey
Group Human Resources Director
Pat joined Digicel in September 2006. Pat has more than 30 years of professional human resource management experience.
Tom Reynolds
General Counsel
Tom joined Digicel in February 2006. Since then, he has worked in many aspects of Digicel's Legal and Regulatory function.
Kevin White
Chief Operations Officer, Mobile
Kevin re-joined Digicel in January 2015 as Chief Operations Officer, Mobile. Prior to that, he was Managing Director of Eircom Consumer Division.
Michael Murphy
CEO, Pacific
Michael rejoined Digicel as our Chief Executive Officer for the Pacific region in January 2015.
Kenneth McGrath
CEO, Caribbean and Central America
Kenneth joined Digicel in July 2015 as Chief Executive Officer, Caribbean and Central America.
Andy Thorburn
Group Chief Operations Officer
Andy joined Digicel in August 2012 as CEO of Digicel Jamaica. In May 2013, he was promoted to CEO for Caribbean and Central America.
John Suranyi
CEO, Digicel Play Caribbean
John joined Digicel in January 2015 as CEO for Digicel Play, Caribbean. John is responsible for growth in the areas of FTTH, Cable TV & Broadband.