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Plans and Services Help | Digicel Barbados

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Plans & services


Digicel offers a variety of affordable services to suit your lifestyle. Our plans include both prepaid and postpaid options. Our prepaid mobile phone service puts you in control of your spending. No bills and no rental fees- just pay as you go! Our postpaid services offer flexible packages which you can choose from, based on your estimated time on the phone.

Prepaid Rates Prepaid Rates

Digicel Barbados pay-as-you-go prepaid calling plans are hassle free, with no fees, no bills, no rental.

Postpaid Plans Postpaid Plans

Digicel Barbados offers a variety of flexible mobile plans. Choose a mobile phone package based on your lifestyle and estimated phone usage.

Services Services

All the extra mobile services to personalize your Digicel Barbados mobile plan including ringback tones, access to content and sharing credit.

Travel Guide Travel Guide

The Roaming Travel Guide lets you see what the roaming rates will be in your visiting country.

Coverage Map Coverage Map

Digicel's coverage has the Barbadian population covered.

DigiHome DigiHome

Digicel's DigiChoice fixed line service provides voice and data service for home usage.


Top Up
Digicel Barbados offers a variety of easy ways to Top Up your prepaid account.
Questions? We’ve got answers. Browse through our list of FAQs.
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