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1. What is Digicel Voicemail?

Digicel’s Voicemail service is easy to use, fast to access and retrieval is easy from your Digicel mobile phone. It’s your 24-hour answering service that automatically takes a message for you when your phone is in use, switched off or when you are unable to answer your phone. 

2. How do I access my Voicemail?

To access your Voicemail service, please dial 123 from the main menu and follow the prompts. 

3. Can I record my own personal greeting?

Yes. All customers have the option of personalizing their messaging service with their name and a greeting.

4. Can I set a password on my messaging from persons being able to access my messages?

Yes. Customers will be prompted to enter a password when setting up their voicemail service. The option is also there to remove this once it is no longer needed.

5. Can anyone contact Customer Care and have access to my password?

No. All passwords are private and confidential and only the account owner has access to this information.



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